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Territories of Hotel location in Una borders with Nangal,Hoshiarpur town of Punjab, Hamirpur, kangra, Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh. Una Himachal is also known as gateway to himalayas and is famously known for following near by attractions or MUST VISIT :

Chintapurni Temple :

Approx 70 Km ( By car 1 Hour and 30 mins)

Chintapurni is a major pilgrimage and one of the shakti peeths in India. The Chintapurni shakti peeth (Chinnamastika shakti Peeth) is located in Una District Himachal Pradesh states,surrounded by the western Himalayas in north and east in the smaller Shiwalik (or Shivalik) range bordering the state of Punjab.

Baba Balak Nath Temple :

Approx 60 KM (By car 1 hour 30 mins)

Baba Balak Nath Temple is situated at the village of "Chakmoh" in the district of Hamirpur on the hill top,in a natural cave/"Gufa" carved in the hills,Considered to be the adobe of Baba. the entre of women devotees is prohibited in the cave.

Baba Garib Nath Aogad

Hotel Sea Rock is situated 2 km away from Ancient Temple Baba Garib nath ji on Bhakra Thanakalan Marg between Govnd sagar lake. This temple is located on Androli Village (Raipur Maidan) which seems like natural beauty from all 4 corners. In rainy season when lake fills with water then this temple seems like navicular. In the rainy season due to heavy rainfall temple cover with waters all around. Devotees reach temple by boat in the rainy season. Here located 39 feet tall statue of Lord Shankar which is the best attractive place for devotees.

Maa Bagla Mukhi Peeth

Hotel Sea Rock is known for its spirituality and modernity of this place. There is an Attractive Maa Bagla Temple situated 200 meters from Hotel. Devotees come from far away to worship Maa Bagla. There are two more temple situated near this temple that are Maa Bhairvi and Lord Shivas. These two temples are also very known pilgrimage places. There is a greenery, colorful flowers, green trees, Natural scenic beauties and shivalik hills all around it. People also visit this place for enjoyment.