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Sea Rock Hotel is situated on Thanakalan Bhakhra Dam – Nangal road in the left bank of Gobind Sagar Lake at Raipur Maidan in district Una. At the first sight its natural beauty attracts the tourists and pilgrims passing through this road. It is full of modern luxurings unique and better facalities. Varierty of different food items are also available on the demand of customer. It contains fascinate and comfertable rooms. Its amusement park specially attracts the children. It has well laid out lush green lawns with beautiful flowers. Its greenery most charmimg valley,Clean and peacuful atmosphere attracts everyone instantly.Boating facality is also available here. The beautification of floating waves during boating in Gobind Sagar lake introduce the natural beauty of hills.it is also the centre of the religious faith with wonderful peace. It is located near the temple of Maa Baglamukhi & Baba Garib Nath Temple.

Tourist who stays here can feel like heaven on earth.

Sea Rock Hotel spreads its rays all around the like a rising sun.

Come and enjoy the honest facalities here and stay in the lap of nature.